The phase for lamination n.1 has the function of lifting the eyelashes.It makes the lashes softer and more elastic. Opens the cuticle.Airless format facilitates the application of the product.For 20-25 eyelash lamination treatments.Ingredients: water, mineral ilium, camellia oil, ethanolamine thioglycolate, cetyl alcohol, ethanolamine, fragrance.How to use: apply the composition 2/3 of the length of the lashes, leaving 2 mm from the roots and leaving the tips of the lashes free. For thin eyelashes the exposure time is 10-12 minutes; medium eyelashes – 10-11 minutes, thick eyelashes – 12-13 minutes.Store in a cool dark place out of the reach of children.To be consumed preferably within: 24 months from the production date; 60 days after opening the package.

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