Fase 1 laminazione ciglia Lovely LIFTiNG



Prodotto in Super Promo Vicino alla scadenza: 15/12/2022

– volume 1ml- colour transparente- The composition for lamination №1 performs the function of lifting; it softens and slightly opens the cuticle of eyelashes. Makes eyelashes softer and more elastic.- A convenient packaging option ( in sachets) is very economical and is enough for 2-3 lamination procedures.- The composition includes Camellia oil, which restores the barrier function of the cells and the protective properties of the hair. Systematic use activates the synthesis of procollagen.- How to use: apply the composition to 2/3 of the length of the eyelashes, leaving 2 mm from the roots and leaving the tips of the eyelashes free. For thin eyelashes the exposure time is 10-12 minutes; for thicker ones, the exposure time can be increased to 15 minutes.- Store in a cool dark place out of the reach of children.- Best before: 12 months from manufacture; 30 days after package opening

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